Floor Jansen’s interview by Nightwishers

Hello Floor, I am Mattia from Nightwishers!
Hello, how are you?

I’m fine and you? Congratulations for your pregnancy! You are 5 months pregnant, we are so happy for you!
Thank you!

Shall we begin? The DVD is going to be released soon. It will include two amazing shows. Have you already seen it? I am sure you are proud of the band’s performance but is there anythi you would like to change?
Yes, releasing a  DVD and being part of the band, promoting it means that I have seen it! So you ask me if I would want to change something?

Yes if something was wrong, maybe you would have sung something differently?
It’s a weird question, to be honest because we really don’t want to release an imperfect piece of work, so you can assume that when you put something else you are proud of that. And yes I am.

This is your second live DVD with NW, but in this case there are song especially composed for you and your voice. Were you more comfortable with this and do you think this is a better product than Showtime, Storytime?
Approaching a Nightwish song is something that always had my own personal, my artistic imput, whether is an older song or a new one but of course songs that have not been sung by anybody else are more mine, “my songs”. So yes, what makes the biggest difference, more than that is that I have been in the tour from the very beginning from the first note to the last. I think this makes the difference between the two products, I am not more proud of this one instead of the other, because I was very proud of Showtime too. It is about capturing a moment in our lives and our career and now we are at this point.

Also the different location, it’s not a festival it’s more ‘yours’, more intimate?
Yes, of course

Let’s talk about the tour, Italian fans have been very happy because you had 3 amazing concerts in less than a year: Bologna, Rome and Mantova. It never happened before. Do you have good memories of this concerts? Which one you enjoyed the most?
Yes, I do, I can’t really say if I liked one over another, I think all of them were a great fun.

Concerning the meet and greets, you had one for each show, and you had a Masterclass. Is there any special remind you would like to share?
Yes, we had a great time at the meets, nice dudes. If we have any energy left is wonderful get out and met people. The masterclass was my thing, it has nothing to do with Nightwish, of course I was there having a show there. And we had very sweet gifts, I have been able to bring home with me, supernice, nice food, some things around the theme of the album.It was very nice, a very warm welcome from everybody.

Pregnancy doesn’t stop from work, although NW are taking a deserved break you are going to perform with other artists, including Marco for Raskasta Joulua. Since it is a Xmas event you will become the Mariah Carey of metal…
Oh am I? *laugh*

Are you going to perform All I Want For Christmas Is You?
Thankfully no, no. I don’t want to be the Mariah Carey of Metal!!

Good for you, I am not a fan!
Me neither!

How are you preparing yourself for this event? And how excited you are for this?
Well I am studying the songs at home, I got the instrumentals, but tomorrow we will have the rehearsal with the singers so we will go through the stuff. Yeah, I am very excited, I have never done something like this before. With so many singers, I mean. I have done a similar project called… I can’t remember….

…I remember that, because you had to come to Italy too but the date had been cancelled.

Yes, Heavy Xmas? That was cool, but it had nothing to do with Xmas, because anybody played any xmas song. I am generally very cool with Xmas music so it was nice to play into this heavy metal version, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Of course. Speaking of collaborations, you will be a guest singer in the upcoming Ayreon’s album. You have already worked with Arjen, what are the differences between him and Tuomas in the making of an album?
I don’t understand why people wants to make comparisons because they’re such different way of songwriting.

I am NW singer, and the songs are sung mainly by me (and of course Marco), whilst in Ayron, the songs are composed for various voices, Arjen writes several parts and then look for suitable voices. It’s not easy to compare, they are very different persons, but I knew Ayron for ages, since I was 185 or something and I have been guest in multiple of his albums. When he sent me an email asking if I wanted to sing for him in the next album I had no brain because I always enjoyed working for him. He produces quality music and other important artists will join.

In a recent interview, Tuomas talked about a show with an orchestra. Let me tell you that this would be a dream…. Do you think it will be ever possible? Maybe in the next tour? No rush!

Yes, many people have been wondering about this for years, but now it’s not the originality craze anymore. It is not one our main priorities at the moment, but I agree that if it happened, it would be wonderful.

It might be far fetched with you NW commitment, but do you have any plan for you career? I don’t mean with another band, that’s why ReVamp are no longer together, but maybe a solo album?

Yes and no, I don’t have new collaborations, but in 2008 I wrote a rock album with Jorn Lofstad, from Pagan’s Mind. This album has never been published, it was ready and finished but never recorded. A year ago I took it off and though it would be really cool to do something with that music. But my honest ambition at the moment is to become and mum and relax. If I will find any spare time, I could write music. This project has been laying around for year but I don’t really want to make any plan, I will write music when I can. If I can  publish it, maybe this year, good, but nothing is sure.

Last question: what’s in Floor Jansen’s Ipod? Tell us 5 songs you can’t stop listening to lately.

I am more of an album person. I really liked Evergrey’s lates one, in which I sing in In Orbit. I can’t remember the names, I’m terrible… I liked Delain’s last one and the soundtracks of Angels and Demons and The Gladiator.


Thank you so much for your time

Thank you for your support, we hope to see you in 2018

Sure, it’s been an honor


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